Placitas Area Trail Association is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the trails in the Placitas area.  The trails have been in use and have slowly expanded for many decades.  Those of us that enjoy the trails have grown to love the beauty and diversity found here.   We invite everyone who loves these trails to join. Hikers, runners, equestrians, and mountain bikers are all welcome

As our community and the Albuquerque area has grown, many people have found this area to be a great place to visit and the number of people enjoying the trails have rapidly increased.   With Increased usage brings challenges as well as opportunities.  Challenges to keep the trails we have and to manage them so that everyone will enjoy using them.  Opportunities to expand the trail system and the make them simply more fun.  The main reason for the existence of PATA is to give the actual trail users a voice that can be heard by the land managers, the National Forest Service and the Sandia Pueblo.  Without that voice, changes will happen without input from the people that use the trails and end up with changes we may or may not like.

For years the land managers have taken little interest in the area.  However, that is about to change.  The Forest Service has recently mapped all the trails and has started the process that will determine their fate (click here to see the trailhead notice and map posted by the NFS at the Placitas trailheads). There is also a land swap with the Sandia Pueblo that could affect about 20% of the area. These issues will be at the top of PATA’s agenda.

PATA goal is support and assist the plan being developed by the National Forest Service to preserve and improve the trail system.  Register and let your voice be heard!  You can also see us on Facebook.

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