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Live Webinar: Climate Change Impact on Destination Reputation

The travel industry faces urgent adaptation needs due to climate change, highlighted by extreme weather events and record-breaking temperatures in 2023, which are expected to shift seasonal tourism trends and influence traveller destination choices with a focus on safety and environmental responsibility. MMGY TCI Research conducted an analysis on the impact of climate change discussions on destination reputations in the Asia Pacific region, using social listening and sentiment analysis of traveller reviews. The study found that climate change significantly divides the travel sector, with the potential to quickly improve or damage destinations' reputations while travellers look for safer trips offering the full experience.  

What You'll Learn:  

  1. How climate is changing the overall reputation of travel 

  2. How destination reputation can be impacted 

  3. Examples of negative and positive factors influencing image of APAC destinations 

  4. How climate change start modifying trip planners' perceptions and behaviours 

  5. What is behind the surge of social mentions about sustainability in travellers' reviews 

  6. Behind inherent negativity and anxiety in social conversations, what positive sentiment drivers can be used for restoring confidence and desire to travel 

April 4, 2024, 4 PM Singapore (9 AM London | 1:30 PM New Delhi | 3 PM Bangkok | 7 PM Sydney | 9 PM Auckland)


Olivier Henry-Biabaud, Managing Director & Partner, MMGY TCI Research

Olivier Henry-Biabaud founded TCI Research in 2010 after 20+ years of experience in market research in global companies. TCI Research – a leading Brussels-based travel intelligence Agency who joined the MMGY Group in June 2023 – sets global standards for measuring the pulse of sustainable and competitive destinations with a focus on visitor satisfaction, resident sentiment and destination brand reputation. Read more

P. Upali Ratnayake, Deputy Director General and Head of Sustainable Tourism Unit, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Presently serve as the Deputy Director General - SLTDA and Head of Sustainable Tourism Unit (STU) of the SLTDA. Co-training of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Leader and motivator to lead the SLTDA towards its visionary objective to develop a sustainable tourism theme and Projects. 28 years of service at National Tourism Organization (NTO) holding Asst. Director, Director and Deputy Director General of the organisation. Read more

Fabrizio Orlando, Global Director, Industry Affairs, Tripadvisor

Fabrizio joined Tripadvisor at the end of 2018 and since then leads the Industry Affairs team, overseeing the company’s institutional relationships, and global thought leadership projects and partnerships. Fabrizio works with national hospitality and tourism bodies, associations and non-governmental organisations to build Tripadvisor’s role as a trusted partner for stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry. Read more

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