Seoul Tourism Organization’s Sustainable Tourism Conference 2023


The Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) is an organization specializing in tourism and was established to promote the tourism industry and revitalize the local economy by creating a global brand for the city of Seoul to increase its recognition across the world.

Seoul Tourism Organization(STO) attracts an increasing number of global tourists by promoting Seoul as a Tourism·MICE city.

STO also plays the role of a tourism platform so that various stakeholders in the tourism field, be it tourists or local residents, public sector organizations or corporations, or even academia, can communicate and coexist together.

STO and sustainable tourism

Since the announcement of the Seoul Declaration on Fair Tourism in 2016, STO has been striving to actualize fair and sustainable tourism practices that promote equality and fair profit sharing among the tourism industry. 

For example, in 2022, STO held the global fair and sustainable contest with Airbnb to improve the awareness of the fair and sustainable contest to global tourists. Participants from 26 countries have submitted their experiences of sustainable tourism, totaling as many as 168 cases. 

STO has entered into partnerships with a diverse group of tourism sectors to promote sustainable tourism in Seoul, and these partnerships will be essential to realizing sustainable tourism now, and in the future, in order to create a synergy that works for everyone on all sides.

Seoul is setting its sights on attracting 30 million tourists as the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to an end. Emerging from the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, we stand on the threshold of a new era. Both the perspective with which people consider tourism and their overall attitude toward tourism have undergone a shift– reevaluating tourism through a broader lens and encouraging reflection not just on “myself” but also on “ourselves”.

Now, Seoul is actively pursuing the path of sustainable tourism with a focus on both the local residents and the environment. It all begins with “Seoul Sustainable Tourism Conference 2023”.

Seoul Sustainable Tourism Conference 2023

Seoul will hold the “Seoul Sustainable Tourism Conference 2023” in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on November 16-17, 2023. The conference will be held under the theme “One Planet: Responsible Consumption and Sustainable Travel”, and it aims to promote the creation of a more sustainable tourism ecosystem.

The debates will address sustainable consumption and production and will showcase successful projects from the private sector, cities and global institutions. The event will serve as an opportunity for the tourism industry, global travelers, and residents to come together and share in the latest trends and industry developments in sustainable tourism. It is our goal to make this a successful event that will facilitate ongoing discussions among industry experts going forward.

On the first day of the conference, we will talk about sustainable tourism and how it changed and how it will change the tourism industry in the future. We are going to share the perspective of global & Korea OTA’s, global organization and urban institutions. Also, we would like to share the opinions of consumers so that we would like to mingle all the things to the developed future.

On the second day, a fam tour (Familiarization Tour) will start from Bugaksan mountain to experience the real sustainable and eco-tourism of Seoul. After the hiking course, we will visit the ‘Seoul K Medi Center’ to experience Korean oriental medicine cultures and feel the vibe of Seoul at ‘SEOUL SKY’.

We would like to kindly invite PATA members to attend this conference. Please visit our website to register for the conference.

  • Date: Thu, November 16 - Fri, November 17, 2023

  • Venue: Sofitel Ambassador Seoul Hotel & Serviced Resident, Seoul, Korea (ROK)

  • Theme: OneP1anet: Responsible Consumption and Sustainable Travel

  • Hosts: Seoul Tourism Organization/ UNWTO

  • Language: English, Korea (Simultaneous interpretation supported)

  • Event Page:

Event Programme

Fam Tour Programme

This article has been reposted with permission from the Seoul Tourism Organization, a public interest corporation promoting Seoul as an international tourist city and a valued PATA Member. PATA proudly supports discussions around sustainability through the SDGs Matter guest post initiative. Please note that the views and opinions expressed in the article may not necessarily reflect the official policy, position or views of PATA or any of its employees.


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