PATA Youth Programme

Empowering youths with knowledge, connections, and a voice across the tourism industry.

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PATA Youth Sponsorship

What is PATA Youth Sponsorship?

  • Full funding to attend PATA Annual Summit 2024 and the Youth Symposium in Macao, China. Including:

    • Two-way air ticket to/from Macao, China

    • Accommodation throughout the 3-day event (PAS & PYS 2024)

    • Registration fee for PATA Annual Summit 2024

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PATA Youth: What? Why?

The PATA Youth Programme aims to empower young individuals aspiring to amplify their voices within travel and tourism through diverse platforms, ranging from the Youth Symposium, and webinars, to networking sessions and mentorship sessions.

The programme allows young talents to engage with industry leaders and peers, share their ideas and insights, and learn about the latest trends in the tourism industry.

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Message to PATA Youth 💖

All the love and career advice, from PATA’s mentors across the sectors to PATA Youths around the world!

Event Recordings

Missed a Youth Webinar that you are interested in? You’re never too late to the party, Check out the list of past webinars that you can ask for a copy of recording!

*This resource is exclusive to PATA Student Chapter Members. Check with your lecture advisor for access or contact us for support.

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If you would like to become a mentor, sponsor, or get involved with PATA youth initiatives to help strengthen the future workforce of travel and tourism, we’d love to hear from you.

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Nick Chun,
PATA Youth Ambassador