SDGs Matter

Highlight your organisation’s initiatives and contribute your views on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through PATA’s online channels


In 2020, we launched the Sustainability Matters Initiative as part of the PATA 2020 vision “Partnerships for Tomorrow” to help attain the UN Sustainable Development Goals. SSR has always been a voice in supporting discussions around sustainability issues ranging from food waste, Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, the future of sustainable tourism and particularly building resiliency to crisis

Under SDG Matters, we will republish and feature Member articles and news on the PATA blog, weekly PATA newsletter and social media channels. Specifically, these contents are to be related to the SDGs, such as:

  1. Environmental sustainability

  2. Corporate social responsibility

  3. Gender equality

  4. Racial equality

  5. Poverty alleviation

  6. Access to education

The criteria for publication are that the submissions:

  • promote key issues for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • do not promote a commercial agenda (subject to our discretion)

  • are authored by a PATA Member organisation or representative

  • can be content that has already been published elsewhere, ie. your company blog or a news website

While there is no word count or limit, the ideal length would be 600-800 words.

To submit an article, please email

PATA reserves the editorial oversight to suggest edits or make changes as deemed appropriate. Please note that this initiative is exclusive to PATA Members. Learn more about PATA membership.