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The value of a PATA International Membership goes beyond the membership benefits that PATA directly provides. In collaboration with a select group of our members, we’re pleased to offer preferred PATA member rates for the following products & services that are essential to all travel industry players.

These additional benefits are available only for PATA International Members.

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25% off RFP Hub subscription to to actively receive tourism tenders & RFPs. Offer ends
May 30, 2024

Free newsletter subscription

15% off all hospitality professional training programmes

10-20% off food waste educational programmes & US $200 off tech solution subscription

One-month free AI solution trial; 20% discount on all services post-trial

20% off responsible tourism online courses; more discount of bulk purchases

50% off membership; 15% off carbon offsetting; 20% off corporate training

20% off 4D3N tour in Meghalaya, Himachal, and Uttarakhand

Say goodbye to wading through in search of relevant RFPs. Sigmund has streamlined the process.

Unlock a world of tourism opportunities with Sigmund's Travel & Tourism RFP HUB! Get 20-25 carefully curated tenders and RFPs in your inbox monthly. Ideal for consultants, marketers, and researchers in the tourism industry. Here's why Sigmund stands out:

  • Streamlined Access: Concise summaries of complex RFP documents save you time.

  • Optimized Efficiency: Quick and efficient searches help you find relevant opportunities faster.

  • A.I.-Enhanced Assistance: Chatbot support provides detailed insights into tenders and RFPs.

To know more about Sigmund's Travel & Tourism RFP HUB and how it can revolutionise your approach to sourcing opportunities in the tourism industry, visit Sigmund's RFP HUB. Stay informed, stay ahead, and seize the opportunities that await you. Unlock your potential with Sigmund today!

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Marketing Firms


Research Firms


PATA Member Rate / Discount: $30 off your first year subscription
Valid till: May 30, 2024

Know where, why, and how the world is traveling with World-on-Holiday

Make more informed decisions with travel insights from Adara’s World-on-Holiday. Powered by Adara’s largest pool of travel-intent data, World-on-Holiday is a comprehensive travel-insights center to tell you simply one thing – what are travelers interested in. The insights sourced from hundreds of first-party data sources are based on actual consumer activity and are relevant for anyone who needs a quick way to understand the key macro-trends in any region. For regular updates on who, why, and how the world is traveling, subscribe to

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Tour Operators




Online Travel Agents




PATA Member Rate / Discount: Free Subscription
Valid till: August 31, 2024

Essential training for every step of every hospitality career

Who is this for?




Normal Rate:
Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA): USD 700
Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE): USD 650
ServSafe International: USD 75
Guest Service Gold (GSG): USD 60

PATA Member Rate / Discount: 15% off for all programmes
Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA): USD 595
Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE): USD 553
ServSafe International: USD 64
START, Guest Service Gold (GSG): USD 51
Valid till: September 30, 2025

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