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Leverage our tailored benefits to bring positive impacts to your business, local stakeholders, and greater industry network.

  • Networking

    Connect with PATA’s diverse international member community. Multiple opportunities available both online, hybrid and in-person all year round. Based in more than 90 destinations worldwide, our members represent all segments of the tourism industry from both public and private sectors.

  • Communicate your value

    Increase your organisation’s visibility as an industry thought leader on PATA’s various platforms.

  • Professional Development

    Expand your skill sets and gain recognition with industry awards. Take an active role on the PATA Board and in committees, thus raising industry standards and strengthening the tourism workforce as a whole.

  • Latest insights

    Stay up-to-date with the latest trends most critical to your business. PATA’s data, reports and publications are released all year round and assist you in making informed business decisions.

  • Aligned Advocacy

    PATA works to protect the interests of all members through a coordinated strategy to communicate our industry’s issues and champion initiatives for the sustainable development of the tourism sector.

Who is part of the PATA Network?

Every facet of the travel and tourism ecosystem is represented within the PATA network of leaders and change makers.

What are our members saying?

  • “PATA is an important partner for Airbnb in our efforts to work collaboratively with governments to rebuild tourism across the Asia Pacific in a way that empowers both individuals and communities to share in the benefits of travel.”

    — Steven Liew, Director of Public Policy for APAC, Airbnb

  • “The School of Hotel and Tourism Management has a long-standing relationship with PATA and is one of its major partner universities in the region. We collaborate with PATA in many fields with one of them being our joint partnership in developing a reliable and effective forecasting system for the Asia Pacific region, providing the travel and tourism sector with much-needed projection of tourism numbers in the years to come. PATA also serves as an important organisation for our students to keep abreast of industry trends and new developments. The PATA Hong Kong SHTM Student Chapter connects student members with industry professionals, preparing them to build a strong career after graduation and contribute to future tourism growth.”

    – Professor Kaye Chon, Dean and Chair Professor, Walter and Wendy Kwok Family Foundation; Professor in International Hospitality Management, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • “Thank you PATA for helping us catch up with new travel trends and get in touch with other travel experts. By joining PATA's annual sessions, we have sucessfully established cooperation with several DMC in other Asia countries.”

    — Steven Zhao, CEO, China Highlights

  • “We are happy to be part of the PATA family for the past years and many more to come. PATA has been a significant catalyst in the tourism industry and has kept us well connected with key partners that share the same mission and advocacy for responsible and sustainable tourism.”

    — Stephan Roemer, CEO, DTH Travel

Join our community of responsible travel businesses.






Ministries of Tourism

Destination Management Organisations

Tourism Offices

Convention Visitor Bureaus


Top 3 Most Popular member benefits frequently used by Government Members are:

  • a. Speaking opportunities are available for our Government Members who would like to share their experiences, expertise and best practices with the community.

    b. Recordings of past sessions are available on demand for Government Members only. Please approach the Membership Team for assistance at memberteam@PATA.org.

  • a. Speak at a PATA Destination Insight Series Webinar, hosted in collaboration with BBC, to promote your destination and it’s recovery plans.

    b. Be featured in PATA Newsletter that goes out to 17,000 industry specific contacts.

    c. Host PATA Events for maximum impact

  • a. Download reports and publications from the PATA Store

    i. Destination Forecasts: Suite of 39 individual Destination Forecast reports. Released once per year.

    ii. Asia Pacific Visitor Forecasts: Released once per year with quaterly updates

    iii. Issues & Trends Report, Released twice per year

    iv. PATA Annual Tourism Monitor

    v. PATA Quarterly Tourism Monitor

    b. PATA Webinars & Conferences that happen all year round and full access to past webinar recordings on-demand.

    c. Access to the following data and more via PATAmPOWER

    i. Visitors – International visitor arrivals by origin, average length of stay, gender, mode of transport, purpose of visit,

    ii. Visitor Receipts – Total receipts, average expenditure per visitor, average daily expenditure;

    iii. Aviation – Flight frequency, seat capacity;

    iv. Accommodation Performance – Room supply, development pipeline, cccupancy, RevPAR, ADR;

    v. Digital Engagement – Internet users %, mobile users %;

    vi. Forecasts arrivals



Group Airlines

International Airlines

Local Airlines



Aviation Related Businesses



Group Management Companies

Accommodations, Hotels, Resorts

Individual Properties

Tourist Attractions

Cruise Lines

Hospitality Consultants

Hospitality Owners

Hospitality Developers

Hospitality Financing Institutions


For Hospitality Chains & Individual Hotel Properties, please contact the team to learn more about our tailored benefits and initiatives for PATA Hospitality Members.





Tour Agencies

Tour Operators



Travel Technology

Service Providers

Media Outlets





Academic Institutions

Technical & Vocational Schools

Who can benefit from the PATA Membership?Education – Premium MembersEducation – Basic Members
Faculty / Staff

Education – Premium Membership is for members who would like to invest in both your faculty members and students. Education – Premium benefits are tailored to allow your student body to benefit from a PATA Membership. 

The Education – Basic Member is for members that would prefer to focus on developing the industry knowledge and networks of their staff and faculty members. 


Education – Premium Membership

Top 3 Most Popular member benefits frequently used by Education – Premium Members

  • a. Resources are available to support your efforts in kickstarting and maintaining a PATA Student Chapter

    b. Send Student Chapter Leaders to our online peer-to-peer networking sessions which are tailored to different regional timesones

    c. Student Chapter Leaders are given speaking opportunities on the PATA Youth stage

    d. Collaborate with other PATA Student Chapters around the globe

    e. Submit Student Chapter related news on PATA Website (average 30K views / month)

    f. Compete for the PATA Student Chapter Award of Excellence

  • a. Via PATA Youth Webinars & Workshops that happen all year round.

    b. Gain a Certificate of Attendance for each PATA Youth Webinar that you attend LIVE.

    c. Access resources & past webinar recordings on-demand via the PATA Youth Website.

    d. Organise your own events to gain Event Management experience and invite other PATA Youths from around the world to participate

    e. Attend the PATA Youth Symposium In-person or Virtually

  • a. This is a branding opportunity, not a speaking opportunity for your educational institution. Please approach the PATA Youth Team (YTP@PATA.org) for more details.

Education – Basic Membership

Top 3 Most Popular member benefits frequently used by Education – Basic Members

  • a. Send Faculty staff and industry professionals to represent your educational institution and network with other industry professionals at our in-person or online networking sessions.

    b. Demonstrate your expertise and value in voluntary roles such as:
    i. Expert Task Forces
    ii. Committees
    iii. PATA Board & Executive Board

  • a. Via PATA Webinars & Conferences that happen all year round.

    b. Access past webinar recordings on-demand.

    c. Download reports and publications from the PATA Store

    d. Attend Workshops for Personal Development

    e. Recieve tailored industry updates via our Members only Newsletter

  • a. Via PATA Youth Webinars & Workshops that happen all year round.

    b. Gain a Certificate of Attendance for each PATA Youth Webinar that you attend LIVE.

    c. Attend the PATA Youth Symposium In-person or Virtually


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