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Revolutionising Digital Marketing through A.I.

  • Timezone: GMT+8 Singapore Singapore (map)

In an era where digital marketing and technology intersect, the journey to success for young professionals in the tourism industry is driven by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). This engaging webinar is a beacon of knowledge, illuminating the transformative role of A.I. in modern digital marketing.

We'll delve into the challenges faced in incorporating A.I. into digital campaigns, gaining insights from seasoned experts who have navigated these uncharted waters. A key element of the session is understanding the evolution of digital marketing over the years, adapting to emerging technologies, and recognizing A.I. as the latest tool in our arsenal. The speakers will share their valuable insights into emerging trends and the promising future of A.I. in digital marketing, shedding light on the remarkable opportunities it presents. Moreover, we'll explore the ways in which A.I. can become a powerful ally for young professionals in tourism marketing, setting the stage for their dynamic journey towards success in the digital age.

November 10, 2023, 1PM Singapore (10:30 PM New Delhi | 12 PM Bangkok | 3 PM Queensland | Nov 9, 9 PM Vancouver)


Yibo Kang, Consultant, JTB Tourism Research & Consulting Co.

In 2020, Yibo became a valued member of JTB Tourism Research and Consulting Co. Leveraging his experience in the hospitality industry and academic research across China, the U.S., and Japan, he spearheads diverse global projects. He is currently engaged with government and international organization initiatives, inbound and outbound tourism analysis, consumer behavior studies, market trend research, and sustainable tourism development programs.

C.A. Clark, General Manager, Miles Partnership South Pacific

Combining his degree in traditional fine arts with broad technology, programming and information architecture experience C.A. brings together art and science to create innovative, results-focused marketing solutions for clients. An engaging and energizing presenter, you will frequently encounter C.A. at travel, hospitality and digital marketing conferences. His ability to communicate complex technology concepts in a simple and accessible way makes him both a highly effective educator and a powerful marketing problem solver.

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