Asia Pacific Destination Forecasts 2023-2025


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Sponsored by Visa and with data and insights from Euromonitor International, this suite of reports builds on the current forecasts by delving deeper into the changing dynamics of travel and tourism into and across the Asia Pacific region at the single destination level facilitating the development of appropriate strategies over the next three years. What you will learn from this report:

  • Each of these 39 reports covers a specific destination in the Asia Pacific and individually provides:

  • Annual forecasts of visitor arrival numbers into each destination between 2023 and 2025 by scenario and source region;

  • Recovery rates for international visitor arrival (IVA) growth back to the 2019 benchmark;

  • Annual changes in relative visitor share by top source market, year, and scenario;

  • Seasonality pattern;

  • Quarterly changes in scheduled international inbound air seat capacity to 3Q 2022; and

  • Economic, income and expenditure outlook & trends, and domestic tourism.

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